Colocation in Alberta

Why Chose Alberta?

Alberta is one of the most cost competitive places to invest in North America. Investors benefit from the lowest taxation system in Canada, low energy costs, low costs of running businesses and a stable, secure business environment.

alberta in world map

Panorama of Calgary and Rocky Mountains. Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Climate in Alberta?

Why is Alberta the Best Place for Data Centers?

low cost

Low Cost

  • As the only deregulated market in Canada, Alberta has among the lowest electricity prices in North America. Wholesale power prices have averaged between $18/MWh and $34/MWh since 2015. Current low energy prices represent an opportunity to lock into low long-term rates
  • Competitive priced renewable energy; recent competition averaged $37/MWh for power from renewable energy sources
  • Minimal cooling cost – cool and dry climate minimizes the use of air conditioning to less than 10% of the year. When heating and/or cooling is needed, natural gas supplies are abundant, reliable, and low cost.
  • Lower costs due to favourable exchange rate – $1 USD = $1.31 CAD
  • Lower construction costs
  • Lowest overall taxation rate in Canada for businesses and employees
    • No sales tax
    • No capital tax
    • No payroll tax
    • No equipment tax
    • Low commercial property tax

reliable energy

Reliable energy

  • A very stable electricity grid with major transmission system upgrades in recent years; experience with many industrial loads

strong connectivity

Strong Connectivity

  • Robust telecommunications network and excellent dark/lit fibre capacity
  • Ample network coverage
  • High speed, low latency

strong stability

Strong Stability

  • Canada’s Privacy Act imposes regulations that protects the data that resides in the country.
  • Canada scored #10 of 194 countries in the World Bank’s Political Stability index (World Bank, 2015)
  • Alberta ranks #1 in Canada for Economic Stability (Fraser Institute, 2016)