10MW Crytohost Facility

Now Booking for Occupancy Summer 2019 

Size: 12,000 sq. ft

Location: Birtle, Manitoba

The rate for Electricity: 

As set by Manitoba Hydro with an expected rate of approximately $.045 Cdn per kWh. ($.0315 USD per kWh).

Rental Space Charged:

To be negotiated between the Parties based on Facility Cost on a Square Footage and triple net basis.

Combined Electricity and Rental Cost before other operating costs are expected to be in the range of $.065 Cdn per kWh ($.0455 USD per kWh).

Short and Long Term Leases. Colocate your miners at Crytohost Birtle Facility.


Hosting services available.

Please contact us for details and your hosting requirements.

About Birtle, Manitoba

Birtle is located in the province of Manitoba in Canada. It is approximately 140 Km NW of Brandon Airport. (60 to 90 minute drive). Daily flights into Brandon from Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birtle,_Manitoba

Why Locate in Manitoba?

Low Cost Utility Rates – one of the lowest rates in Canada.

Abundance of Land for Expansion

Clean Renewable  Green Energy from Hydro Power Generation

Long Cold Winters with average temperatures of 17.9 °C (64.2 °F) in July and −18.3 °C (−0.9°F) in January.

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