Colocation in Canada

Opportunities for colocating at one of our partnered data centers. Clients have the option to sign up for short term and long term leases for:

  1. Electricity + Space
  2. Electricity + Space + Hosting

Miners can send their own equipment for installation and hosting or chose to buy miners from DCB. DCB offers competitive electricity rates and solutions to meet your energy needs and increase profitability.

Provinces in Canada for Collocation

Listed below is information on provinces in Canada with opportunities for collocation hosting in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec. Facilities are located close to urban centers of Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Montreal.

Information on provinces in Canada with collocation opportunities.

About Collocation in Alberta Canada

About Collocation in British Columbia Canada

About Collocation in Manitoba Canada

About Collocation in Quebec Canada

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Services Provided by Colocation Facilities

24/7 monitoring

Highly trained technical staff

Latest mining data server technology

Secured Premise

Low cost electricity