DCB offers consultancy and project mangement over all aspect of  construction. This includes overseeing preparation of tenders, reviewing bids, permitting and quality assurance of construction. Our expert partners offer turnkey or cost plus precast concrete solutions. Insulated precast concrete walls provide thermal efficiency, fire resistances and durability for data centers.

Construction Cost by City in Canada

The construction cost of warehouse type building in major urban centers ranged between $70 to $130 per square foot across Canada.  However, the construction cost for Data Center – Tier III is highest in Greater Toronto Area (GTA) ranging between $525 to $1000 per square foot and lowest in Calgary, Alberta ranging between $460 to $900 per square foot. There is large variability in price depending on the material and design of the data centers,

Building Retrofit

DCB offers retrofitting services for existing buildings and structures to bring them up to code, add cogeneration, and/or update interconnections to power grid.

(Source: Altus Group)