Site Acquisition

DCB can assist clients in selecting and purchasing sites suitable for:

  1. Ownership / Self Use
  2. Ownership / Landlord – For Lease

Ownership /Self Use

DCB can help miners select and purchase properties for self-use suitable for cryptocurrency mining operations.


  • Benefit from securing the lowest possible electricity rates from on the grid or behind the fence setup
  • Flexible locations
  • Full control over property development and construction
  • New building construction or retrofit existing building
  • Future expandability


  • Higher capital investment
  • Increase time to find a suitable site

Ownership / Landlord – For Lease

DCB can help acquire properties intended to rent out in colocation setup.


  • Higher ROI from rental income, hosting fees and electricity charges to tenants
  • Stable income


  • Property management of tenants required
  • Finding tenants for your facility

Real Estate

DCB has partnered with commercial real estate teams serving Alberta and across Canada to assist our clients in navigating the real estate market. From searching for suitable locations for building data center, colocation, locations for setting up Co-gen, land investment and more, DCB will help you find a solution.

Raw Land

Location Evaluation

Market Trends


Buildings for Retrofits

Power Plants